Mobilia technology

It’s a workshop rather than a factory. Even for precise and difficult construction, skilled craftsmen will show each process.
We don’t say we can’t, how can we do it? Because it’s a group of experienced and imaginative craftsmen.
We can meet the needs of our customers.

Design & Planning

To create a product that has both strength and practicality without damaging the designer’s design. Create all the indispensable Shop Drawings in-house. Not only product design, but also restaurant interiors and condominium interiors. We do everything from design.


Leather, which is the material, is mainly purchased from Europa, and fabrics are also purchased from all over the world. Skilled cutting, sewing and tensioning techniques produce the finest products.

Timber & Veneer

The main material is maple, oak, walnut, ash and other KD materials from North America, and the veneer is a 0.6 mm thick veneer.

Marble & Granite

Marble is mainly purchased from Spain and Italy, and Black Mikage is slab material from China, which is cut and polished. Marble is coated with a transparent coating to prevent stains.


We can purchase paints from Japan and perform urethane, polyester painting and water-based finishing for external use. In particular, incorporating Japanese mirror finishing technology, piano painting is our characteristic finish.